Reiki and Indiscriminate Healing

Hi, It’s a while since I’ve done a talk. When I woke up this morning with this topic in my heart I knew that it was too big to put on my Reiki Training site. I needed to return to the wider audience that has attended many talks and to share these clarifications widely.

Firstly, for those readers that have little or no experience of Reiki, I’m going to explain Reiki and why I do it. Reiki is made of two words, Rei and Ki(Chi). Rei is the energy of the Universe, Ki is inner energy, not just spiritual energy but all the electrical energy that makes our minds and bodies work.

I believe I was born with an ability, I believe that many, if not all of us, are born with abilities. Some of us need help (attunement) to pull the inner switch, to turn them on. I chose Reiki as it gave me a formal structure and tools for focus in healing, as it made my practice certificated, insurable and in that accountable. Please note that word ACCOUNTABLE.

So when I hear people say, I don’t like that you practice INDISCRIMINATE healing. I’m hearing I don’t like that you don’t think about consequences. Something could go WRONG and you will be responsible for that. How does that fit in with being accountable?

So lets look for a moment at some of the things I do and don’t do.

*I write a health and safety plan for myself and anyone I have trained working with me.

*I check our equipment is in good repair and set up safely.

* I check for trailing wires and other trip hazards

* I make sure the weight load is not exceeded on our couches

* I teach that healing is not necessarily cure and that Reiki is complementary not alternative to medical advice

* I don’t make claims for Reiki to my clients that suggest it’s the only or best way for them. Instead I explain Reiki and how I feel it may help them.

Those are the things expected of me as a Reiki professional. I give my time for free or for expenses but I am still a Reiki professional as offering Reiki to the public and I keep up the standards of my profession. That is important to me as not to do so discredits Reiki. I also have standards for myself in my teaching practice and my commitment to my students.

So back to that word INDISCRIMINATE and what people mean. KARMA or UNIVERSAL INTENTION and how I could be interfering with that. Usually by Karma, what is meant is that the Universe, God or whichever deity has been upset by past actions has caused disease (physical, mental or emotional) as some kind of divine punishment or lesson. They may even believe that it’s “Karma” from actions in a past life. A past life that most likely isn’t remembered and if it is who can say such memories are reliable. A feeling that one might need to suffer because of past life actions might be a symptom of mental illness, we’ll probably never know for sure about some of the people we know who are suffering whether this might be what they are feeling.

So lets strip this to the bare bones of interference. We interact with people on a daily basis. Each interaction has Karma, cause and effect. Good deeds don’t always have good effects or bad ones bad effects. Lets take something as simple as a shopping mall door. We have a young mum with a stroller, she’s going to struggle with the door. Most of us would open the door for her because I’m assuming here I’m writing for decent human beings. Some would not, whether because they are not decent human beings or because they are so absorbed in their own problems they don’t notice this mum’s small one with the door.

What we then have are potential outcomes. We open the door, she makes her bus. We don’t open the door she missed her bus. Making her bus has potential outcomes, she gets on the bus just as rain starts to fall, she gets home dry and warm. Missing her bus, she stands for 45 minutes in the rain getting chilled, she and her child become unwell, she has to stay home from work a couple of days and looses pay. Or while she is making or not making her bus, an armed robber has targeted her home. Not making her bus, she discovers the robbery after they have left, making her bus she gets home to a danger to herself and her child. Opening that door has just become this huge KARMIC event. One that might cost lives. We have no idea of who this mother is, or has been in a past life if we really want to get into that concept of Karma? Do we consider on opening or not opening that door being the agents of divine retribution or what we should do as decent human beings?

How much thought did that need? Most of us will have realised that we could drive ourselves nuts with over thinking the possible consequences of every interaction we have with people and decided that we will carry on being decent human beings who open doors for other people. The few who are still stuck on this, please stop thinking about all those alternative universes that get created every time we make a decision and stick with this next part as this really gets to why I will carry on with so called Indiscriminate Healing.

Every Reiki practitioner begins their HEALING with their own journey towards WHOLENESS. This involves what might be called shadow work, involving introspection and allowing the divine to make changes within. This can not be done without bringing Rei to Ki. Rei, the divine, the Universe or God. Yes that same divine being, Universe or God that some claim might be visiting divine retribution (so called Karma) on our young mum.

We need then to recognize that:

*Reiki practitioners hold a belief that Healing is asking the divine to work for the best possible good of the person we send or give healing to.

*As the divine can not work against It’s (His/Her) own purpose, we can not interfere with what we might consider to be divine lessons.

*Most of us don’t accept the concept of a deity who punishes the unknowing for past life actions

When we hear that someone is sick, whether a loved one, friend, social network connection, group of people or a nation, some of us might pray, send love and light or light a candle. None of us ask whether that person is worthy or undergoing a lesson. We trust that the divine will act with the compassion it has taught us.

We may be sending healing to people who have done bad things. We may even be asked to send healing to people who have done bad things to us. Being indiscriminate, might simply mean that we don’t give this as much thought as to determine whether we think they are deserving and that we serve the divine by being a vessel for healing energy without passing judgement. That’s the lack of discrimination I’m aiming for in my practice.

Sending love, light and healing in trust that the Universe wants humanity to offer some kindness to each other as part of the lesson life brings.


Dream Mystic – An Introduction


Our dreams are our own messages to ourselves. A remembered dream and its interpretation may reveal that we love, hope for, seek new experience of, or fear. A dream tells us of the potential locked inside
us awaiting our turning of the key or can make us feel we are falling, waking us startled and confused.

There is much we can learn from the unconscious mind and those spiritual beings that speak to us while we are dreaming. Some are not content to dream only when they are asleep. Some will enter a daytime
dream state through self-hypnosis, trance or what some call entering an alpha state of consciousness. Some will call this shamanic journeying, others meditation and others still, dream walking.

The dream path walked at a chosen time allows the dreamer to recall and reflect upon the meaning of their dreams. This is not always possible with sleeping dreams and while these hold their own messages,
choosing to experience waking dreams can deepen our contact with our inner selves and our guides.

If choosing to walk a dream path it is logical, for the dream to reach it’s full potential in terms of lesson or spiritual experience, for the dreamer to want to experience the dream in a way in which they feel safe and protected from the demons of their own making or spiritual entities they believe might come uninvited as they dream.

The role of the guided meditation leader or dream mystic is to suggest the pathway into the dream in a way that keeps out fear, yet encourages adventure and self-seeking.

Imagine that you are a storyteller like Scheherazade. You have more than 1001 tales to tell to enthrall your listeners and entice them back for more. Yet unlike the tales of the Arabian Nights, in each of your tales the hero is each of those listening, the adventure theirs and each tale in itself is complete. Yet it is also a part of the spiritual adventure that will make them want to come back for more. That is what it is to be a dream mystic.

This book is intended for the use of men and women who feel they may be good at the kind of story telling that enables others to experience their waking dreams. To take the message or lesson, then to return to wakefulness with a feeling of having travelled to the ends of the earth or
beyond while sat in a chair with a circle of friends.

It is intended as a guide to safe, rewarding practice that can be adapted to many group situations and sets of beliefs. The spiritual experience may be religious, magical or an investigation into the human psyche. It is as relevant for the humanist as for the Christian, Buddhist or Pagan.

However you intend to use what is gained from the experience of dreaming or whatever the focus of your group, there can be found within these pages much that I hope will enrich the experience by helping you to approach it in a way that is suitable for everyone in the group, from the seasoned astral traveller to those who have never before experienced a waking dream.

Dream Mystic by Shodie Wilson (produced by Blue Rocket Design) is a Guide to Leading Guided Meditation Course Book. A printable certificate will be available on submission of exercises found in the book, with support available by email to enable completion of the course. Dream Mystic was launched at Witchfest 2013 on 9th November.

Now available from Shodie’s website at £15 including postage

Practical Alchemy – Artermis Gathering 2013

Alchemy: Turning base metal into gold. If only it was that simple. Is what we need to fulfill our dreams and desires gold? Money? Does that solve everything? Or is it about the transformation of what we don’t want. At Artermis Gathering I asked what we’d get if we transformed a pile of crap into gold and the answer given was a pile of golden crap. So there has to be more to Practical Alchemy that transforming what we have into what we want. We have to throw out what we don’t want to make room for what we do.

In everyday terms that can be throwing out all the junk in the spare room to make a sewing room, office or bedroom for a new arrival. In spiritual ones it’s getting rid of what blocks us to make room for new, life enriching experiences.

We worked through an exercise in which each of us had an unlimited supply of one grocery item. By working together we created not only a list of meals but skills of communication and sharing ideas were used. We created by alchemy the change from being one person with one thing to being a team with multiple things to bring to the table. (An exercise we might recreate literally with a shared meal).

What we then did was to choose an object to represent all we didn’t want and be willing to give that away. We put all we didn’t want in to it with our minds and souls, then put them in a box and closed the lid. As a group we took all that negative energy from the box and blew it away. Then we named our desires, creating a mantra of the initials letters of each word. For example if I wanted a healthier way of life I might use the mantra H W L to begin that manifestation. (It does of course take personal effort of will power and giving up the cream cakes, but the alchemy at work here might be creating that will power).

Lastly we all took an object from the box that now represented our desires. We took it with us, having created a talisman for alchemy. The rest of the story is the feedback I hope to get here or on the forum at

Imagery in Meditation and Dreams – Witchfest 2012

Notes of talk written for Witchfest International 2012.  Thanks to those that came and those that spoke to me after. Sorry we had so little time for the one to one chats but we can do that on facebook or by email. Please see info at the end of this talk….

Hi, for those of you who haven’t already met me. I’m Shodie and I’m Complementary Therapist and Dream Mystic. Dream Mysticism uses guided meditation, yet it is more than that in that it is an approach to healing and understanding of self and the messages of  the beings that choose to work with us. Shaman is another label that can be applied to what I do but it is only a part of the Shamanic Journey to be a Shamanic Healer. As my  personal path is Druidry with a large portion of Hedgewitchery, Dream Mystic is the title I feel most comfortable with and it is in that role that I want to share with you some of the things I have learned about images in dreams and meditations.

Meditations are a form of dreaming, in that we seek to contact that which comes from within, not that which is in the physical world. By within I do not only mean what comes of self but the information perceived by gut instinct and third eye that is also processed by our minds in sleep.

Whether we sleep to dream, enter our own meditation or are guided on a seeking journey, what we encounter can have meaning.  Not every meaning is a message and we do need to sift out the influences of media or fiction. So if the intention is to encounter higher self or spiritual messages in sleep, then a cleansing bath (as you might before ritual) and a relaxing bedtime routine are going to be more helpful to us than watching the latest sci-fi, action or horror movie or reading the latest Dan Brown novel in bed.

Some of us may choose waking moments in which to dream, whether guided or by methods we have learned or developed to take ourselves into the right space. Others may just be convinced there was meaning in a dream despite having no intention of seeking any message. However such messages come, images having meaning and that is what we will be looking at today.

If some of you don’t see images when meditating please don’t feel this is not for you,  as there are other ways of getting a meaningful impression of something, such as how it sounds, smells, tastes or feels.  All of the senses are important, and it is the awareness of something or someone that you carry away with you that can be looked at for meaning.

I will now ask you to look at some pictures (those at the talk were asked to  get into groups of four or five and look at the picture they had  been given and to pick what stood out most for them). What stands out most for you? Choose maybe two or three things. Think about what they mean (those at the talk were asked, does what they mean to you mean the same for the people sharing the picture.)

This is an sample of the pictures used:
Cat Among the Pigeons More are on this page

You can use books such as The Ultimate Illustrated Encyclopedia of Signs, Symbols and Dream Interpretation or The Book of Symbols published by Tashen, or websites to look up what things mean.   But two books can say two different things depending on the authors research, experiences and interpretations. If your first instinct is something totally other than that, go with instinct, do not forget that you know yourself best, as does your higher self and the beings that choose to work with your higher self to teach you about yourself and your path.

The Meditation

Come with me now on a journey if you will, I want you to explore images, sounds, textures and smells within your imagination. First be aware of this room, think of it as a safe space in which you are surrounded by friends, know that you can come back by opening your eyes at any time you choose. It is You who choose to walk on the road I suggest and you are free to leave that road in an instant if you have seen, heard or touched enough or if what you encounter becomes too much for now. It is however a very gentle road and I hope some of you will journey with me to the end.

See before you a bubble of water…. let it expand in front of you reflecting pure white light.

Slowly as it grows let it lay horizontally before you until it becomes a body of water, a lake, a river, the sea.  Feel on you skin the heat of the sun, the chill of the breeze or the coolness of being under a night sky in autumn. What sounds are around you? What do you smell? Try to be aware only of the water in your sight until you have taken note of all those other senses.

Then begin to look around for a way to cross or walk beside or around the water.  Feel your chosen path under your feet. A bridge may have wooden planks, do they creak? Are you on stony ground or mud or sand? What sound does walking make?

See, hear or touch the first signs of life. Do you see grass, hear bird song or feel the rough bark of a tree? What senses are you using and which sense will you use now to examine further your surroundings?

Switching senses as you travel until you know that all or any can be left with a lasting impression of a dream realm, come now into a grove of trees. What kind of trees are they? In which season?

Which elements are present? The cold wind of air; the sunny warmth of fire; rain dampness of water; earthiness of fallen rotting leaves? Do you feel, see, smell or hear the season of the cycle of the tree’s lives.

Now count the trees, you can use sight or touch to do this. Either sight or touch requires that we use the sense of recall to know when we have returned to the place we have started, but we can also use our third eye to just know when we have reached this place. Number may have meaning, so take not of it. You may later want to look at the numerology of that number if that is something that stands out for you.

Now, still in the grove, choose one tree. It may be one of a circle of trees that stands taller, looks greener, smells nicer or has curious feeling bark. Maybe that one tree is in the center, maybe you didn’t see it before. What kind of tree is it? What attracts you to it?

If you feel ready, call forth the spirit of that tree and notice the shades of his or her clothing? If he or she is willing, speak with that spirit.

(Some time is taken for the personal experience of meditation)

We are now ready to leave. If you have been speaking with a tree spirit, give him or her your thanks and await their departure into the tree from which they came. If just spending time with the one tree or in the grove, thank the trees and the elements there.

Then slowly walk out of the grove and along your path back to this room.

When you are ready open your eyes, take some deep breaths, feel the ground under your feet and push your energy downwards as if you have roots until you feel grounded and totally in this room.

(We spent some time grounding).

Now let us look at the meaning of what some of you have experienced.

We began with looking at who had which kind of water, a lake; a river; a sea.

We looked at possible meanings as below:

Lake: Calm, still, unmoving, secure.

River: Flowing, changes.

Sea: Distance, turmoil, subject to change. Tides ruled by the moon. A calm see with a full moon indicating things being right and blessed at this time.

We looked at  colours in tree spirits and whether they might indicate  Moods, Emotions or Charkras in need of balance.  A good way  to tell if a colour is a message is to look for  movement, flutuation, changing shades, these can indicate emotions in need of healing eg red anger, green jealousy, blue sadness. Clear shades indicate a need of charkra balancing, the colour appropriate to the chakra  being the clue as to which.  Dark patches or clashing colour patches with in main colour are clear signs of imbalance. What we see is a reflection of what we are as seen by the helping spirit.  It is possible to come away feeling healing in that area from the spirit.

If anyone would like to discuss their own experiences of the images or the meditation we can have an open discussion on my facebook page : or please email

Some of you picked up information about Reiki after the talk. There is free information for those who wish to learn about Dr Usui and self healing in A Beginners Guide To Reiki.

Thank you for reading. Many blessings for the coming year and I hope to see some of you again in 2013.
Shodie xxx

Ogham and Choosing Wood for Magick

To the reader, I would point out that although I practice Druidry I am at Bardic Grade. Ogham (pronounced Oh Um) is taught at Ovate Level and if you require a deeper understanding of Ogham I suggest you  look at or ask about studying Druidy with OBOD at

These notes were added to explain just one of the ideas we have for wands and staffs that we are making at what is currently Celtic Wood Wizard (update Aug 2015). Wands and staffs can be made to order and we will have a limited stock at events.


The druid alphabet was used for communication as were all runic systems. The name Ogham comes from the god Ogma, as it was claimed the letter came to the learned by inspiration of this god.  There is little evidence of an ancient tradition of divination with Ogham however Druidry does attribute properties to each tree and dates are attributed to each tree in the Druid Calendar.


The Druid year comprised of 13 lunar months with an extra day of renewal before another year began. As this took no account of leap years the actual dates given may not tie up with the new moon in recent calendar years.  If your birthday is on or around any of the dates when the tree changes and you are concerned with finding wood for a wand or staff,  please look up the moon phases for that year.

A rough guide to each months tree and birthstones for wand crafting and other wooden magical items...

           Date                                          Tree            Month Stone  Zodiac Stone

Dec 24th to Dec 30th                  Birch            Turquoise         Garnet

Jan 1st to Jan  20th                     Birch            Garnet                Garnet

Jan 21st to Jan 31st                    Rowan         Garnet                Amethyst

Feb 1st to Feb 17th                     Rowan        Amethyst           Amethyst

Feb 18th to Feb 19th                   Ash             Amethyst          Amethyst

Feb 20th to Feb 28th/29th      Ash             Amethyst          Aquamarine

March 1st to March 17th          Ash            Aquamarine       Aquamarine

March 18th to March 20th       Alder        Aquamarine             Aquamarine

March 21st to March 31st         Alder        Aquamarine             Diamond

April 1st to April 14th                Alder        Diamond                     Diamond

April 15th to April 20th            Willow      Diamond                      Diamond

April 21st to April 30th             Willow      Diamond                     Emerald

May 1st to May 12th                    Willow       Emerald                      Emerald

May 13th  to May 20th               Hawthorne    Emerald                Emerald

May 21st to May 31st                  Hawthorne    Emerald                 Pearl

June 1st to June 9th                    Hawthorne   Pearl                          Pearl

June 10th to June 21st              Oak                   Pearl                          Pearl

June 22nd to June 30th           Oak                     Pearl                         Ruby

July 1st to July 7th                    Oak                      Ruby                       Ruby

July 8th to July 22nd                Holly                  Ruby                        Ruby

July 23rd to July 31st              Holly                   Ruby                       Peridot

Aug 1st to Aug 4th                    Holly                    Peridot                   Peridot

Aug 5th to Aug 23rd                Hazel                   Peridot                    Peridot

Aug 24th to Aug 31st              Hazel                    Peridot                    Saphire

Sept 1st                                         Hazel                    Saphire                    Saphire

Sept 2nd to Sept 23rd             Vine                      Saphire                   Saphire

Sept 24th to Sept 29th            Vine                      Saphire                    Opal

Sept 30th                                       Ivy                       Saphire                    Opal

Oct 1st to Oct 23rd                     Ivy                        Opal                         Opal

Oct 24th to Oct 27th                 Ivy                         Opal                        Topaz

Oct 28th to Oct 31st                 Broom*                    Opal                       Topaz

Nov 1st to Nov 22nd                Broom  *                   Topaz                      Topaz

Nov 23rd to  Nov 24th            Broom*                   Topaz                  Turquoise

Nov 25th to Nov 30th              Elder                     Topaz                    Turquoise

Dec 1st to Dec 21st                     Elder                  Turquoise               Turquoise

Dec 22nd                                        Elder                 Turquoise                Garnet

Dec 23rd                                         Pine*                 Turquoise                Garnet


*Some sources attribute this month to reed. I’ve used broom as an easier wood to source in the UK.

* Note there is no tree for Dec 23rd Pine is suggested as it is evergreen. It’s continued life gives hope that life will carry on in it’s cycles.

* Where gems would be too expensive or difficult to use look for others in the same colour. eg Clear Quartz for Diamond, Jade for Emerald, Snowy Quartz for Pearl

To request a custom made wand, staff or other magical item please use the contact form in the about section at Celtic Wood Wizard

Artermis Gathering 2012 ~ Safe Place in Guided Meditation

As this talk wasn’t planned and I stepped in on the Sunday there were no notes. The following comes in part from the draft of Dream Mystic ( publication 2013) and in part from questions arising. The extract from the book is aimed at Meditation Leaders but also explains what I was doing in suggesting creating a safe place although we did not have as long in which to do this as someone working with a regular group.

The Safe Place

So what is a safe place and how is one created? A safe place is one in which the dreamer may be alone or invite only trusted guardians and guides. It is one where the doors are mentally locked or warded, one that has become so familiar that it can be visualised and returned to in a moment.

 The appearance of one person’s safe place may have little appeal to another. It’s a place of individual comfort and safety. This will differ according to personal beliefs and what is found to be aesthetically pleasing. It may be that someone living in a chaotic, shared space wishes to create one in which there is order and tranquillity. Another who has experienced much of cold emotions from others may create a place of warm colours and soft patterned blankets. Whether the place belongs to this time or one of history or even fantasy are also considerations to put to the group when guiding creation of this space.

As well as a conventional way in to the safe place such as a door there are various methods of leaving through objects such as basins of water, mirrors or candle flames. Even the idea of a lit fire at the center of a tee-pee through which to travel may appeal. It’s as well to suggest a sacred space or altar be created in the safe place at the introduction of the idea of creating such a space as it is from here that you will lead each journey.

When you have established the idea of a sacred space you may also wish to add the element of sacred items. This can be something carried by the dreamer, such as a blanket which acts both as a safe place on which to sit on which no being can join them uninvited and also as a magic carpet back to their safe place. Some dreamers prefer to work with such a visualisation as they can struggle with the concept of an instant return to safety without something to take them there. Some like to have a blanket or cushion on their lap in the physical realm on which to hold on to. A literal safety blanket which aids focus on return to the safe place.

For some the safe place may be no more than an image of the room you meet in and their trust in safety in the circle or wards you put up at the beginning of the meeting. As long as they can translate this to their own room at home and whatever steps of protection they took for their private meditation, this is fine. Details are not as important as the feeling of safety and the ability to return.

For those with deeply creative imaginations the safe place will be fluctuating and fluid in its appearance. Elements being used in that day’s meditation will come to the forefront and others recede, colours of candles and objects, even the décor will reflect the occasion. You can gently suggest such changes at the beginning of any journey as a way of preparing spirit for the travel ahead without substantially altering the safe place as somewhere familiar and homely.

Changeable elements might be ones pertaining to one of the quarters and its element: If you intend to travel to the North to seek wisdom of the Earth then flowers, twigs and stones would be very much apparent on altar or sacred space. The dreamer may even enter that space imagining that they are carrying flowers as an offering to their deity or to the spirit of that quarter. Colours may relate to season and occasion: Red, silver and gold candles used at the Winter Solstice. Blues, yellows and greens be used in spring.

Another element that may change may be that of what creates the safety. As a traveller begins to meet with the creatures of dreams it is likely that he will meet with his own guardians, be they in appearance as men, angels, animals or mythical creatures. It is possible that he will meet with a safe space guardian who chooses to remain in that space keeping it safe while he journeys. This may be in addition to any locks or wards (through spell or prayer) created in the mind of the dreamer or he may develop a trust in his guardians alone.

This is just one kind of guardian as guardians may also travel with the dreamer, as do guides who  may or may not be one and the same entity. We will look at encounters in a later chapter ……

Three things came out of the talk for me…. I’m sure more for those that attended…. and if I’ve not addressed something here that you got from the talk or meditation or if you weren’t at the talk and have question on this page please email

1. When the mediation or waking dream goes elsewhere. This can be a big message and if you’re comfortable with finding yourself taking an alternative route to the one suggested by the Dream Mystic (or meditation leader) then go with the flow… sometimes literally. The safe place is there if you feel lost or frightened or out of your depth. It has to be there as the Dream Mystic is leading everyone else and can’t go off the path to look for you, even if she is aware of your departure from the main party. But this doesn’t stop you from having a very individual experience if you’re happy to explore what your dream is showing you.

2. When you don’t SEE. Everything I have previously written and worked with involved the sense of sight, even when sound, scent and touch were included. I have Elmcloud to thank for bringing to my attention that not everyone sees and I would say to those that don’t that if the meditation leader is not suggesting sounds and scents and textures then listen, smell and feel what might be suggested by her words. I’ll be sharing something later on Chakras, healing and associated sounds and scents. Hopefully through CoA.

3. Why do we need a safe place when we have a Goddess? I don’t know about your Goddess but mine doesn’t always make my life feel safe and comfortable. It certainly didn’t when our car was hit a couple of weeks ago and we were taken to hospital. But if it hadn’t happened I might not have had the same encounters and same opportunities after. But those were chances and opportunities I had to choose to work with. That they were offered didn’t conflict with that I have free will. So it is with the journey in a dream. We are human and we can fear, not feel ready and want to be in our comfort zone no matter whether deep down we know our Goddess wants the best for us. Our Goddess is not pushy and she will wait. Also your Dream Mystic may not be working with you alone, often that is not the case and the journey is going to be an easy ride for some and push at the boundaries of comfort zone for others. It’s not possible in an one off talk to be aware of everyone’s comfort zones and needs. When humans work with other humans even the most Divinely Guided can not be 100% aware of one mans passion being another’s biggest fear. I am not omniscient as a Dream Mystic which is why I offer you the safe space in meditations I lead. All I can ask of anyone who chooses not to use it is not to disrupt the meditation for others if they do find themself in an uncomfortable place.

I very much hope to be talking with some of you in November and am already throwing around an idea for Summer 2013 involving Alchemy (I don’t think it would be allowed in an indoor venue). Also as the shared meals were so much fun am looking for a bigger cooking pot and fire basket. Yes I’ve caught the camping bug.

I can’t leave off without thanks to Tylluan Penry, Kiya and Tam for their talks and being an inspiration to me. Also to Damh the Bard who wasn’t there but kept me coming back to Witchfest and put me on my path.

Merry Part and Blessed Be…… see many of you in November.


~Shodie~  xxx